Quick Polls Archive 2011

The following represent the results of various polls taken by CIRT of its CEO members during 2011. 

  • 4th Quarter 2011Impact of “ObamaCare”: The members were asked their take on the impact “Obama Care” is or is going to have on their firm policies (in terms of cost, benefits, coverage, availability, etc.); 55% have had to reconsider their health care packages, of those (37% as to costs, 40% deductibles), to respond to cost increases (65% plan to increase employee contributions, 52% increase deductibles, and 44% plan to “eat” the extra expenses), long term impact of ObamaCare on their current plans (34% were unsure, 31% will likely seek higher deductibles and contributions, and 24% will do nothing and continue their current plan).
  • 3rd Quarter 2011Infrastructure Market Interaction/Spending: The poll asked whether there was still a strong connection between residential and nonresidential private sector construction when it comes to a recovery.  Surprisingly, 21% felt the connection is weak, 33% said it was still very strong, and 38% weren’t as sure whether the two were closely aligned.  When asked about public infrastructure spending: 48% expected to see some cuts over the next three years.
  • 2nd Quarter 2011Infrastructure Spending vs. Cutting Government Spending: CIRT asked its members to wrestle with the difficult balancing act between more infrastructure spending and putting the federal government on a sustainable path (by a wide margin of 85-12% members confirmed long term strength over immediate infrastructure spending was the right path). The members also predicted by 53% (Yes) to 25% (No) to 22% (Not Sure) that international turmoil and disasters would have an impact on domestic U.S. markets in the 6-12 month horizon (meaning in early summer ’11 to late winter 2012). 
  • March 2011Insourcing of Federal Work: Member by a margin of almost three to one did not have any recent experience with federal government agencies insourcing A/E/C contracts.
  • 1st Quarter 2011Excess Regulations and Their Impact: Members were asked their opinion on an extremely timely and important public policy matter related to excessive regulations.  In terms of time and costs the members indicated a net 10% burden was placed on projects.  As critical, the impacts are being seen on private as well as public owner projects.
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