Quick Polls Archive 1999 - 2010

The following represent the results of various polls taken by CIRT of its CEO members.


March 2010Effectiveness of the Stimulus Package I & II: CIRT asked its members their opinion on how effective the “stimulus package” has been (a mere 4.5% said Yes it has been effective, while nearly a third, 31.8% No it has not been successful (with the rest in between).  As to whether CIRT should support the second package that was passed in March ’10 – only 36% thought it was worth it.


February 2010Transportation Devolution Issue: CIRT sort input from the members on their views with respect to certain aspects of the upcoming Surface Transportation Authorization Act (STAA).  A surprising 45.5% said Yes, they supported devolution (turning the program back to the states) while only 31.8% were opposed and 22.7% were Not Sure.


October 2009Health Care Insurance: CIRT asked its members their likely reaction to higher health care insurance costs: 39% would pass along cost increases to their employees, and another 9% would change benefits/plan coverage, only 17% would retain their benefits as is, while 35% are not sure what they will do.

January/February 2009Stimulus Package Opinion: CIRT asked its members their opinion on how stimulating the “stimulus package” H.R. 1 would likely be when passed. Fully 84% expressed concern about its timeliness and/or outright doubt that it was “on target.”


March 2008 – Should “earmarks” on federal legislation be curtailed or eliminated, even if they occur on infrastructure type legislation? The members by a two to one majority said YES!


December 2005Illegal Immigration Issues: Thirty-five percent (35%) of the membership believe in the creation of a guest worker plan, but no amnesty; another (35%) believe there should be tougher border controls and limit time as guest workers; (26%) of the members feel that illegal aliens should be allowed to convert to permanent legal status (i.e. amnesty); and only (3%) believe there should be no change in the status quo.

November 2005Redirecting “earmarked” Money: Should Congress redirect some of the funds from the over 6,000 lower priority highway earmarks to more pressing infrastructure needs caused by Hurricanes Katrina & Rita.  Nearly two thirds (59%) said that money should be spent on more urgent projects; (34%) feel that it should NOT be shifted; and (7%) were unsure. 


December 2001 - Post 9/11 Poll

Nov 1999 - October 2005Opinion Poll Results

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